Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Theology and LOST

If you have not seen the recent episodes of Lost and do not want them to be ruined ten don't read this post.

If you have seen them, then you probably noticed the Catholic themes going on in the more recent episodes. For example, a couple of episodes ago we found that Mr. Echo is really a priest. Then, in the most recent episode, Charlie desperately wanted to have Claire's baby, Aaron, Baptised.

The theology is nice to have, but it is annoying at how wrong they are getting key Catholic Doctrines. One example is back in season one where Locke's mother told him his conception was Immaculate. By this she meant he had no father, but what immaculate actually means is clean, or, without sin in the case of theology. Another thing is the way echo talked about baptism. I don't remember specifically what he said about it, but what baptism is, from the Catholic perspective, is an enterance into the body of Christ, the Church. It is quite difficult to explain baptism without Christ, so the writers of LOST just decided to change the doctrine. The last thing that was annoying was that Echo said John the Baptist knew that he had cleansed Jesus of his sins. Newsflash to the writers, but according to Catholic tradition, Jesus never sinned. It was impossible for Jesus to sin.

Just a little rant, but what the hell.

Haven't read the encyclical yet, but heard it was a defense of Eros. Not quite the bomb many expected out of the B16, but I'm sure we will be seeing more soon.


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