Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Seahawks in the Super Bowl?

I still can't believe it. The Seattle Seahawks are actually in the Super Bowl. This is the most unlikely thing thats happened in while. And, which makes it even better, they actually looked really really good while beating the Panthers. We'll see how things go the next week or so, but I'm getting pumped. I get to watch NFL Live and actually hear talk about the Seahawks. This rarely happens.

There are, unfortunately, a large population of Steeler fans in the Seminary, and in Southern California. Which is Lame.

In other sports news, Gonzaga's been winning, UW;s been winning, and the Sonics played a rediculously high scoring game. Even my Alma Mater, Western Washington University has held onto their number 2 ranking. I guess sports are actually going pretty well now.

Had a great weekend in San Francisco. I saw my friends Matt Miller, Adam Flamiatos, and Matt Oakland. I marched for Life. And I got to meet a lot of cool people from all around California.

Now I'm just studying and checking the internet for Pope Benedict's new encyclical. I can't wait.


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