Thursday, November 03, 2005

U2, some other people, soccer

I realized at about 5 o'clock on November 2nd that U2 was playing in LA. So, I did what any other fan would do, and hopped in the car at 5:05 to head to the staples center to try and get tickets. It didn't work out.

But, I did see Matthew McConohey and Chris Kattan wandering about. They had tickets to the show. Matthew had leather pants on. They were kind of nasty. Chris Kattan was normal though.

It wasn't a waste though because I got to go to Jon Frye's house and watch the Sonics game (at least the last minute or so) and we hung out.

I got on an indoor soccer team. Its coed, and the play is fast. I was dying out there. I had a goal, but thats about it. I didn't play a whole lot of minutes because I couldn't feel my legs after a while. Maybe I should have that checked out.


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