Monday, November 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo and 1st Kings

My moral theology paper on Terri Schiavo is going just swimmingly right now. I hope I will find a way to post it so that you two can read it. Either that, or maybe I'll just e-mail both of you a copy.

I'm also doing the exegesis for my Old Testament calss on first Kings 18 21-40. Its about this dude, Elijah, who tries to convince the people of Israel that Yahweh is God, and not the imitation god Baal that some of them were worshiping. So he challenges 450 of Baal's priests to a duel, and they each build these big fires to sacrifice a bull. Whichever fire God decides to light will be the one with the true God. Elijah won, so he killed the 450 priests. It's been a pretty fun assignment.

Not much Tomfoolery here lately. Its been cold though. We actually made it into the upper 30s I think.

My stinkin fantasy football team lost thanks to Peyton stupid Manning. The Seahawks won, but they didn't really deserve it, although I was really impressed with the fans at Qwest Field. The Huskies Basketball team is finally ranked decently (18th and 19th). Also, Jake Locker, a great Product of my home County (and a good Catholic) is going to lead his Ferndale Team to the Washington State Dairy Farmers Association state Championship. I might even get to watch the game on our satelite dish.

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Val said...

It's snowing here.