Monday, November 14, 2005

Seattle Fun


After a wonderful weekend in Seattle hanging out with my buddies, I'm back at seminary and I'm....Sick. Yep. Sick. Sore Throat, wicked congestion, etc. Its all because I was standing around in the Seattle Rain without a Jacket on. So, I got to miss philosophy today, and spanish. And, I got to sleep in quite a bit.

But before I got sick, there was much fun to be had in Seattle/Bellingham/Olympia. Nick picked me up at the airport and we drove up to Bellingham. I got to hang out with my bud scott a bit while we were there. Nick and I got caught up on what Seminary life is like for me, and what married life is like for him. My family is doing very well. It was nice to see them.

Then Saturday Shaun picked me up and we drove to Olympia. It took a long long time. There was very bad traffic for the last few miles. We got to the church and I didn't even have my belt on. I tried to fasten it on the way in but it got stuck in a loop. I walked into the church as I was trying to fix it and found myself being looked at by an entire congregation. Turns out I walked right in on the procession (Thanks Dan for delaying the wedding enough so I didnt miss anything). I stepped aside so the Bride could walk up the Aisle and then it was all good after that. I love Catholic weddings, especially when I'm one of the only people who knows whats going on. Nobody knows any of the responses or anything. Oh well. It was a great service, and father Nathe preached it up.

The reception was also good. I danced up a storm. It was awesome seeing the Nash batch together again, minus Andy (filming a movie) and Joel (Who knows what this guys up to). The fourth floor from freshman year girls were there too. April, Shaunna and Annette anyway. I cant wait to post some pictures, but until I get a card reader or a digital camera chord in my possession it will have to do.

I was mighty depressed leaving, but I'm doing better now, except for being sick that is.

More later,


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