Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This weekend will be my first time back to Bellingham since entering the seminary. I'm pretty danged excited about that. My to do list includes some of the following (In no particular order (My family will come first)):

1)Eat at Bob's burgers and brew
2)Eat at Boundary bay brewery
3)get some hot wings at the Beaver
4)Get a coffee at a starbucks that knows what its doing.
5)Dinner with the fam
6)Hang out with Nick
7)Maybe stop by Xavier house
8)Stop by sacred heart and Assumption to see Fr. Frank and Fr. Dave
9)Hang out with Shaun
10)Get some pictures to post online
11)stop by my brothers house and chill with his roomates

Just a few of my favorite people/things to do in Bellingham. Then its to Ryan and Sara's wedding! WOO-HOO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet. Check your email, I sent you a message.


Val said...

Ha ha! A lot to do in one day. Hope you have a good time at home.

Val said...

my friend Andrew (fiddle player) is in this awesome band. You'd like them. They're just getting good radio time in Seattle and shows around the NW. They're called "Handful of Luvin"