Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Busy busy busy and Go Zags

Well after being sick I was insanely busy this last week or so.

I had a philosophy paper due a couple days ago that was difficult for me to write. It was on his views of analogy as applied to God and creation. Basically he tries to answer the question of how we can say anything meaningful about God, since he is infinite and we are finite and use finite language. Aquinas answers that any term we apply to god is done so in an analogous sense. So if I say God is powerful, then I'm using the term analogously. In that sense, it is known as an analogy of participation. It was a hard paper to write, but it is done now, so thats good.

I also took a day off Sunday to go visit my old roomate Brandon and his girlfriend Rylee who were down in Anaheim at Disneyland. We hung out a bit and went to Santa Monica, which was really nice, and then drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Hollywood, which was really really nice. Anyways, it was after a few hours of Rylee Blatantly thrusting her hand in front of my face and me not catching on before Rylee finally told me that they got engaged the night before at the Magic Kingdom. Congratulations guys. I hope to see you at the wedding.

Thats always the way I saw myself doing it, except not the Magic Kindom, but the magic Kingdome. During the seventh inning stretch on the diamond vision. Then they tore the magic kingdome down, and my plans were thwarted, so I decided to be celibate.

Holy Cow, what a game by Gonzaga last night. Triple overtime and a three point victory. INCREDIBLE. Morrison is awesome, and I can't tell if I like his look or hate it (He has really long hair and a perve mustache) but I laugh everytime I see him. He is insanely good though. Raivio is stepping up and playing great as is batista. I would love to see more production out of the other guys though, with the exception of Freshman Jeremy Pargo. Josh Heytvelt got some good minutes and did some good things, but made a lot of Freshmen mistakes, such as a goaltend and and a couple dumb fouls. I'm looking forward to tonights game against UCONN. Hopefully they play well.

Anyways, other than that I got some thangsgiving plans, but I also have to write a paper on the Terri Schiavo case for my moral theology class. It should be pretty exciting.

Happy thanksgiving everyone, except you Shaun. You Canadian.



Val said...

hurts to be forgotten! Ouch.

Anonymous said...

watching the UConn game as we speak...yep, Eric's home and it's perpetual Gonzaga time, that's the way it goes...