Monday, November 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo and 1st Kings

My moral theology paper on Terri Schiavo is going just swimmingly right now. I hope I will find a way to post it so that you two can read it. Either that, or maybe I'll just e-mail both of you a copy.

I'm also doing the exegesis for my Old Testament calss on first Kings 18 21-40. Its about this dude, Elijah, who tries to convince the people of Israel that Yahweh is God, and not the imitation god Baal that some of them were worshiping. So he challenges 450 of Baal's priests to a duel, and they each build these big fires to sacrifice a bull. Whichever fire God decides to light will be the one with the true God. Elijah won, so he killed the 450 priests. It's been a pretty fun assignment.

Not much Tomfoolery here lately. Its been cold though. We actually made it into the upper 30s I think.

My stinkin fantasy football team lost thanks to Peyton stupid Manning. The Seahawks won, but they didn't really deserve it, although I was really impressed with the fans at Qwest Field. The Huskies Basketball team is finally ranked decently (18th and 19th). Also, Jake Locker, a great Product of my home County (and a good Catholic) is going to lead his Ferndale Team to the Washington State Dairy Farmers Association state Championship. I might even get to watch the game on our satelite dish.

See ya later,


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Advent

Ordinary Time is now over, which means we're in Advent. I couldn't be happier to tell you the truth, I needed a change of season.

I got to spend some time with Jamie and Jesse Oakland on Friday, which was great. We even got to go to Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom was closed because there were too many people, so we went into California Adventure, where I had never been before. I thought it was cool. The Tower of Terror was pretty sweet. Also the Bugs Life show was awesome. Then when it closed Disneyland had started letting people in again, so we went and rode the tea cups and the Thunder Mountain Railroad. All in all it was a pretty sweet time.

On to Sports. Holy Gonzaga! Great stuff from them. I'm disapointed about Heytvelt getting injured though. He needs to work on his maturity out there, and this would have been a great season for him to do that. He played way below his abilities in my oppinion (and one great example is the play where he got hurt). Also, I think people are really underestimating the Washington Huskies squad. I'm a little concerned about their defense though. The Irish escaped Standford with a win, barely. I watched the whole game and couldn't understand how a mediocre offense was racking up that many points with their backup quarterback. Oh well, onto the BCS. Oh, I almost forgot. What Lou Holtz should have said in his "debate" about whether Oregon deserved the BCS berth over Notre Dame was, "No. Because Oregon is overrated." Why don't we ask USC who the Better team is. Or Washington for that matter. And while Notre Dame was busy knocking off Pittsburgh and Michigan (both ranked at the time and we were the visiting team), Oregon was busy struggling at Houston and playing Montana at home. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to prove were BCS worthy when we win the Fiesta bowl in January.

Oh well, Seahawks tommorrow, then I gotta get a move on with this paper on the Teri Schiavo case. So I'll let you folks know whats up when I'm finished, and hopefully I can post some of my paper on this site.

Check back soon you two.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

More Pictures

Me on the mountain
Originally uploaded by oakdog6079.
I added some more pictures to my flickr page. Most of them are of my pilgrimage to Europe last february, but there are some other ones of me at the U2 concert last year as well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Busy busy busy and Go Zags

Well after being sick I was insanely busy this last week or so.

I had a philosophy paper due a couple days ago that was difficult for me to write. It was on his views of analogy as applied to God and creation. Basically he tries to answer the question of how we can say anything meaningful about God, since he is infinite and we are finite and use finite language. Aquinas answers that any term we apply to god is done so in an analogous sense. So if I say God is powerful, then I'm using the term analogously. In that sense, it is known as an analogy of participation. It was a hard paper to write, but it is done now, so thats good.

I also took a day off Sunday to go visit my old roomate Brandon and his girlfriend Rylee who were down in Anaheim at Disneyland. We hung out a bit and went to Santa Monica, which was really nice, and then drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Hollywood, which was really really nice. Anyways, it was after a few hours of Rylee Blatantly thrusting her hand in front of my face and me not catching on before Rylee finally told me that they got engaged the night before at the Magic Kingdom. Congratulations guys. I hope to see you at the wedding.

Thats always the way I saw myself doing it, except not the Magic Kindom, but the magic Kingdome. During the seventh inning stretch on the diamond vision. Then they tore the magic kingdome down, and my plans were thwarted, so I decided to be celibate.

Holy Cow, what a game by Gonzaga last night. Triple overtime and a three point victory. INCREDIBLE. Morrison is awesome, and I can't tell if I like his look or hate it (He has really long hair and a perve mustache) but I laugh everytime I see him. He is insanely good though. Raivio is stepping up and playing great as is batista. I would love to see more production out of the other guys though, with the exception of Freshman Jeremy Pargo. Josh Heytvelt got some good minutes and did some good things, but made a lot of Freshmen mistakes, such as a goaltend and and a couple dumb fouls. I'm looking forward to tonights game against UCONN. Hopefully they play well.

Anyways, other than that I got some thangsgiving plans, but I also have to write a paper on the Terri Schiavo case for my moral theology class. It should be pretty exciting.

Happy thanksgiving everyone, except you Shaun. You Canadian.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Seattle Fun


After a wonderful weekend in Seattle hanging out with my buddies, I'm back at seminary and I'm....Sick. Yep. Sick. Sore Throat, wicked congestion, etc. Its all because I was standing around in the Seattle Rain without a Jacket on. So, I got to miss philosophy today, and spanish. And, I got to sleep in quite a bit.

But before I got sick, there was much fun to be had in Seattle/Bellingham/Olympia. Nick picked me up at the airport and we drove up to Bellingham. I got to hang out with my bud scott a bit while we were there. Nick and I got caught up on what Seminary life is like for me, and what married life is like for him. My family is doing very well. It was nice to see them.

Then Saturday Shaun picked me up and we drove to Olympia. It took a long long time. There was very bad traffic for the last few miles. We got to the church and I didn't even have my belt on. I tried to fasten it on the way in but it got stuck in a loop. I walked into the church as I was trying to fix it and found myself being looked at by an entire congregation. Turns out I walked right in on the procession (Thanks Dan for delaying the wedding enough so I didnt miss anything). I stepped aside so the Bride could walk up the Aisle and then it was all good after that. I love Catholic weddings, especially when I'm one of the only people who knows whats going on. Nobody knows any of the responses or anything. Oh well. It was a great service, and father Nathe preached it up.

The reception was also good. I danced up a storm. It was awesome seeing the Nash batch together again, minus Andy (filming a movie) and Joel (Who knows what this guys up to). The fourth floor from freshman year girls were there too. April, Shaunna and Annette anyway. I cant wait to post some pictures, but until I get a card reader or a digital camera chord in my possession it will have to do.

I was mighty depressed leaving, but I'm doing better now, except for being sick that is.

More later,


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This weekend will be my first time back to Bellingham since entering the seminary. I'm pretty danged excited about that. My to do list includes some of the following (In no particular order (My family will come first)):

1)Eat at Bob's burgers and brew
2)Eat at Boundary bay brewery
3)get some hot wings at the Beaver
4)Get a coffee at a starbucks that knows what its doing.
5)Dinner with the fam
6)Hang out with Nick
7)Maybe stop by Xavier house
8)Stop by sacred heart and Assumption to see Fr. Frank and Fr. Dave
9)Hang out with Shaun
10)Get some pictures to post online
11)stop by my brothers house and chill with his roomates

Just a few of my favorite people/things to do in Bellingham. Then its to Ryan and Sara's wedding! WOO-HOO!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

U2, some other people, soccer

I realized at about 5 o'clock on November 2nd that U2 was playing in LA. So, I did what any other fan would do, and hopped in the car at 5:05 to head to the staples center to try and get tickets. It didn't work out.

But, I did see Matthew McConohey and Chris Kattan wandering about. They had tickets to the show. Matthew had leather pants on. They were kind of nasty. Chris Kattan was normal though.

It wasn't a waste though because I got to go to Jon Frye's house and watch the Sonics game (at least the last minute or so) and we hung out.

I got on an indoor soccer team. Its coed, and the play is fast. I was dying out there. I had a goal, but thats about it. I didn't play a whole lot of minutes because I couldn't feel my legs after a while. Maybe I should have that checked out.