Sunday, October 02, 2005

Review of my Summer

As most of you know, after I finished working at St. Jude's Catholic Church I spent the summer working for the Catholic Youth Organizations as one of their summer camp counselors. To make a long story short I had a blast. I spent the whole summer at Camp Hamilton, between Duval and Monroe. I spent the first four sessions as the Camp Minister, getting a chance to talk about faith with every kid, and the last two sessions as a cabin leader. I met lots of great kids, and met some great staff members as well. (I miss you guys) And now for some camp stories...

There is a tradition at Camp Hamilton that if any staff member gets five letters on one day they get thrown in the lake. So one day Im minding my own business and Jon Frye yells "Mail Call." Next thing I know I had five letters in my hand, which meant I was getting wet. It was the last day, and we were in the longhouse, so rather than sending me to the lake, they decided to dump a pitcher of water over my head. The kids all loved it, and I got to hear the "We Love You Bryan Song." Then I got my letters. One of them was a postcard from my friend Val, who was in India. The other four were all from the archbishop. (I'll get my revenge one day)

During session six my lodge (Klamath) was playing a game of capture the flag against the other guys lodge (klickitat). Another counselor named Andy and I were talking trash to each other (he was in jail, and I was playing some stellar defense). I walked behind the Klamath shelter and saw a humongous Cougar like animal looking at one of my campers. I dropped a couple of expletives (that have since been absolved) and yelled that I thought I saw a cougar. Don't worry, we got all the kids inside and counted, and to this day we're pretty sure we didn't lose anyone. But the moral of the story is that Justin got the flag across the line before the cougar invasion happened, sealing a victory for Klamath Lodge.

Some things I learned from Camp:

1)That middle schoolers aren't as scary as they appear.
2)The best cooking equipment is alluminum foil and fire.
3)God is cool for inventing Camp Hamilton.
4)I need to learn how to play the frickin guitar.

Camp was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot, and hopefully will make it back for at least a couple sessions next year.




Seminarian said...
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Scott said...
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Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss camp too! Take it easy Bryan, peace. ~Colleen

Anonymous said...

Bryan! I saw that you had updated your facebook profile and got all excited that you had added all kinds of stuff, but all I found was this link...just kidding, this is a great way to find out what you're up to! Hope you're having fun at Seminary :)

~Jess :)

Anonymous said...

hey butty. I miss camp 2. WAtch yourself
dane (daneger)

Val said...

Oh wow, bad timing on the postcard I guess. Ha!