Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A few things to mention:

Mike Koenen, the kicker from WWU the last few years and a former soccer teamate of mine made his first field goal in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. It was a 58 yarder, the furthest field goal made by anyone this year in the entire league and the second longest in the falcon's history. He usually punts, but kicked this field goal because it was out of Todd Pederson's range.

Matt Good has an MP3 player on his website ) some of the acoustic tracks of his new greatest hits album. Just click to launch player. Overall I like them all, but I think North American For life and Hello Time Bomb could have been a little better. Truffle Pigs and Tripoli are both excellent though. Check em out if youre in an extremely laid back mood.

The Yankees lost. A-Rod played horribly. I was happy.

Hockey started. I miss watching the Canucks with Shawn and Quinn, so thats kind of lame.



Anonymous said...

Yeah too bad the Canucks lost to Minnesota yesterday though. 6-0?? What the heck?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but they won last night 6-2 and I went to the game...whoot!