Thursday, October 13, 2005

Baseball playoffs

So if you missed it, or just don't pay any attention to it, game two of the Angels' Whit Sox' series ended in quite a bit of controversy.

Basically what happened is AJ Pierzynski struck out but started running to first as Angel's catcher Josh Paul rolled the ball away from him. Pierzynski thought the ball bounced in the dirt, which under MLB rules gives him a chance to run to first to beat a throw. Mike Sciocia ran out and argued but couldn't get the call overturned. It was obvious by Josh Paul's body language that he caught the ball in the air. The next hitter, Joe Crede, hit a double which scored a pinch runner, ending the game. Not only that, but the replay shows the ump making an "out" call. Now the debate is, whether it was a strike or not, and whether the White Sox deserved to win or not.

Here is my take:

It looked like it bounced into Paul's glove, making pierzynski right, but it is definately questionable. I'm more disapointed that a great game had to end like that. We could have seen Mark Buerlhe pitch into the tenth inning as a starter. One of the most courageous pitching performances ever is washed away from memory because this play will live on and on in sportswriters memories. Plus nothing is more dramatic than extra inning baseball in the playoffs.

Also many people have been attacking the umps, which I think is unfair. One sportswriter said they seemed "defensive" during their press conference, which apparently is a bad thing. I thought they were commendable to even have a press conference, and I thought they did a good job of "defending" their call, as they should do.

I've officially switched to cheering for the Angels, because I don't want this play to be remembered forever as the play that cost the Angel's a trip to the world series.

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